Ake Hedman wasn’t allowed to retire! What happened?


When I announced my retirement some past employee’s, suppliers and even customers told me “you are too young, and have too much experience to retire”! You need to help or aid other business owners and professionals when they need someone to talk to. They also said “remember the times you were looking for a second opinion” and there were no one to be found! My response was, WHAT, any information one would need is free, nowadays you just Google it!

Then I started to think

Yes, Google has all the information but, they have NO way to give you advise and suggestions based on your specific situation. I also remembered, if I had known then what I know now, life would have been a whole lot easier. Along my business life, I actually got advise from whom? Yes, most of them were older, with more experience than me.  Those reflexions changed my retirement idea, and I have decided to make myself available to business owners and professionals who would appreciate a “second opinion” or help.

People who are committed, ready and able to transform and progress. I do realize there is one specific area business owners and professional service providers may have questions.

That is why isn’t my phone ringing, where is my next customer, client or patient? Questions like that may be because, you are not sure what to do, or most likely you have no time to work on that very important issue. This is an area where I can support you!

Coming up next. Why am I in USA, you may wonder. Hint; how I helped one company 6 times their business…